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If you do outside watering, inform the office and we will investigate your water usage.  A manual adjustment will remove the highest quarter and your billable amount will be annualized by averaging the remaining quarters and multiplying the average by 4.


((1500+2000+1600) /3) x 4 quarters = 6800 cubic feet

In this example, the customer would save the difference between the 9100 cubic feet metered into the home and the adjusted use of 6800 cubic feet or 2300 cubic feet.

This will be compared to your actual water reading and the difference will be multiplied by the water usage rate of $0.03095 for 2020.  The result will be your abatement in your sewer bill.  Please contact our office for further information.

Manual Adjustments are only applicable to year-round occupancy residents.  In the event of a leaking toilet or other fixture that caused water to enter the sewer, an adjustment would not be done.  The purpose of the manual adjustment is to make an allowance for water used in watering lawns, washing cars, and other activities that do not cause the water to enter the sewer.