Payment Option

Cash – Is always welcome and a chance for you to stop by the office located at 44 Water Street

Checks – Mail to – P.O. Box 648 Kennebunk, ME 04043-0648

or stop by the office located @ 44 Water Street Kennebunk, ME

Payable to: Kennebunk Sewer District

ACH Automatic Withdrawal – We are pleased to offer you this new option.  Now you can have your payment deducted automatically from your checking or savings account.  Your payment will be made quarterly as specified on the Debit Agreement.  To take advantage of this service print out the authorization form, ACH Debit Agreement complete the form, attach a void check and return in person or by mail. Once your agreement form is received and our billing system is updated with your information the automatic withdrawal will take effect with your next quarterly bill.

  • It is convenient and saves you time and money
  • This will enable you to track all your payments on your monthly bank statement
  • No more worries about forgetting to mail in your payment
  • Automatic Debit is FREE
  • Please notify the office when you make a change to your bank account.

Online Banking – You can also pay your bill through Bill Pay at your banking institution