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Bridal Path Construction

Well Road Force Main Project
Location: Bridal Path
Project Schedule: December 2021 through February 2022

The Wells Road Sewer Project will replace 1,000 feet of defective force main from the Pump Station on Western Avenue to the first drainage crossing on the Bridles Path. The District has experienced multiple failures on this line over the last few years and will replace the cast iron line with a more durable high density polyethylene line. This line serves all of the beach area and Lower Village and is the largest capacity line in the District. The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately $500,000 and will be constructed from December through February. It is expected that final grading and plant restoration will not be started until spring.

The District will keep you up to date on that project on this page. There will be periods when the Bridle Path will be closed for safety reasons.

Week of December 6, 2021
Dearborn will begin trimming trees for the movement of equipment and supplies. This may cause delays through the construction site but will not close the Bridle Path.