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We would like to welcome you as a new or potential new customer of the Kennebunk Sewer District and to take this opportunity to introduce you to information regarding our billing policy.

Each separate dwelling unit pays a user fee made up of three parts. One part is Debt Retirement, one part is Support Systems dedicated to pay fixed charges, and the last is to pay for variable Operating and Maintenance expenses. In addition, the number of “users” for each residential account is determined by the number of living units served by that account.  For, example, a duplex apartment is counted as two users.

  1. Debt Retirement. This is charged to all connected residential users and those who own property adjacent to a KSD sewer line. The fee is generally used to pay for capital improvements and repayment of outstanding debt.  This fee is $177.65/year per residential user.
  2. Support Systems.  This is charged to all residential users connected to the sewer system.  This fee is generally used to offset the fixed operating costs such as insurance, general maintenance, salaries, and so on.  This fee is $401.00/year per residential user.
  3. Variable Operation and Maintenance. The final part of the fee is based on annual water consumption and is collected to pay for expenses and maintenance directly related to the treatment of wastewater; e.g., chemicals, electrical power, and sludge disposal.  This fee is $0.03095 per cubic foot of water used.

All new residential users are billed 6,000 cubic feet of water for the first year. If after receiving three readings from the water district you find that you are using less than 6,000 cubic feet of water per year, please call us so that we may make adjustments to your charges accordingly.

Vacant land is assessed a charge based on frontage owned adjacent to an accessible sewer. This fee is $1.30 per foot frontage. Ready to Serve customers are those properties with a dwelling unit(s) within 200 feet of the public sewer system. The charge for Ready to Serve properties is $177.65 per dwelling unit. Both Vacant Lot and Ready to Serve charges shall be used to reduce the District’s debt service.

Fees are determined each year at the Rate Hearing meeting. After the hearing fees are calculated for the year and divided into four equal amounts and billed quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call the District at 207-985-4741 Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and ask for Heidi or Susan.

If you are considering the installation of an irrigation system and would like to receive credit for outside water use, please contact KSD to receive information on installation requirements for irrigation systems.

Should you have a problem with your sewer service please call the district first to avoid any unnecessary plumbing charges.  For after hour emergencies please call KSD On Call person at 207-590-0246 or Kennebunk Communications Dispatch @ 207-985-6121 ext. 4.